There are many, many worthwhile events and organizations raising money in the name of cancer research, with the CIBC Run for the Cure and the Terry Fox Run being the most notable. The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run initially was formed by two friends that bonded together to make a difference. When Kelly Shires was diagnosed with breast cancer she knew first-hand what it was like to battle this disease. Instead, Kelly fought back. She teamed up with good friend Suzy Stenoff and created the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run for Fun. Collectively they worked to get a charity license approved, promoted and organized a snowmobiling event for women and their goal was to help women in their battle against breast cancer. They took a negative situation and made it the opportunity to make a positive impact. From two friends the charity has grown into a valued team of volunteers. Kelly’s hope was to eventually have a chapter in each province across the Country.

Unfortunately, Kelly Shires lost her 8 year battle with cancer in the fall of 2004. Suzy Stenoff, Co-founder, along with a dedicated Board of Directors and volunteer team, continues Kelly’s dream of helping women with their battle.

Over the years we have been able to help breast cancer patients with their financial battle against the disease. We have helped breast cancer patients from Coast to Coast and continue to make their battle a little less challenging.

We have found that we are able to broaden the scope of how breast cancer patients need help financially. It is always a difficult thing in any situation to admit that you need financial help. No one ever plans on getting ill or knows how an illness could potentially affect them and their family. There have been many insurance companies offering “critical illness” insurance for situations such as a cancer diagnosis but not everyone is aware of it or able to afford the coverage. In addition to loss of income due to inability to work or not qualifying for government assistance, there are expenses incurred by breast cancer patients in this financially trying time – this is why what we do is so important so the financial stress can be relieved and they can focus on getting well.

We have helped pay or paid for many items over the years. Some examples are: •wigs •prosthetics •transportation to treatments •lodging expenses •hospital parking cost •counseling •food •household bills while under treatment •rent

(These are just some examples of how your donations help patients with breast cancer)

Through personal experience, the charity realized that battling for your life is a very tough challenge, with physical, emotional, mental and financial battles to overcome. In realizing this, we decided we wanted to help these women and men diagnosed with breast cancer in their fight. We help them purchase items that health insurance programs do not cover. Through the Charity and fundraising event we also strive to raise awareness for early detection and prevention of the disease.